As the old saying goes, prevention really is better than cure. Before increasing training or beginning a new type of activity, it is important to identify any potential problem areas which may pre-dispose you to an injury and hinder your performance.

The body works as a whole unit; for example, a weakness in the hip may lead to an injury in the knee, ankle or lower back. The biomechanical screening process revolves around this concept and includes a series of 20 tests, each videoed for your own visual feedback. From this, we identify areas which would benefit from being adapted to ensure you stay injury-free and are able to reach your goals. A tailored exercise programme is undertaken with regular monitoring from your F.A.S.T. therapist. The screening is performed again so you are able to track your progress and view the benefits, as well as feel them!

The therapists at F.A.S.T. are proud to have previously helped with the screening for England LadiesĀ  FC and England Cricket Board. Rich also knows, first hand, what the process involves after having been screened as part of the GB Bobskeleton team.