Sports Massage Cambridge –

Tight muscles? Tension in the neck and shoulders? Whether the tightness is coming from sitting at a desk all day, gardening at the weekend or a sporting activity, regular massage can help. Our F.A.S.T. therapists are all experienced at providing this service, with previous jobs including the London Marathon, Volleyball England tournament, British Indoor Rowing Championships and charity events across the country and right here in Cambridge

Massage and trigger point therapy rejuvenates the muscles by relieving the tension, knots and tightness. This makes a great impact to everyday life as well as sporting performance.

Cambridge Sports Massage – Deep tissue massages are beneficial:

– for maintenance purposes to prevent injuries

– before an event to increase circulation and warm the muscles

– after the rigours of a race or activity to flush away waste products

It is important to understand that massage alone cannot be used to treat all injuries. We have a deep understanding of anatomy and can identify cases where further treatment is required. For example, underlying issues may present themselves as muscular tightness, but as Therapists, we highlight these areas and treat the cause rather than the symptoms.

Everyone can benefit from a sports massage, not just athletes

Also it is important to understand that while the name suggests that this is a technique reserved for athletes only; this type of massage can be used to assist with injuries and pains from all facets of daily life, so depending on your job this maybe something worth exploring.

If you are suffering from ongoing aches and pains, if you are looking to prevent athletic injuries and prolong your career, or if you are just looking to relieve the tension associated with a rigorus daily routine and you are in the Cambridge area, then please give us a call today or via availability and book in below. Our massage therapy could be exactly what you need to prolong your active lifestyle.