ARU Basketball Conditioning / Mobility


8 rotations each side
8 on each leg, then 8 with toes up to shin and chin to chest (not forcing the range, more neural mobilisation)
15 reps slow and controlled calf raises
Aim for 20 switches trying to keep hips stable
Aim to complete 15-20 reps of each progression (can be guided by control)

Kneeling / Prone

8 rotations each side
Allow them to focus on where they feel tightest for around 1 min
Again show the technique and they can now focus on the angle that they individually feel tight. Approx 1 min
Aim for 8-10 of these and can add in the walking the hands out to engage core like last week
10 reps of cat camel then 8 rotations each side
Ensure hips stay level and core engaged, 15 reps on each side
15-20 reps slowly (should last around a 1 min high plank)
A nice gentle hold for 20-30 seconds
Try to emphasis not engaging the upper traps (top of shoulders) and instead focus on the muscles between the shoulder blades. 8-10 reps at each position

Side Lying

Ensure hips are rotated forward so belly button is facing down and aim to complete 20 reps with bent knee and then straight leg on each side.


Aim to load the calf and focus on the slow and controlled lowering, 20 on each side
20 slow on the way down and faster on the drive up
8 rotations each side whilst holding the static squat position
This can be completed using the TRX hooks complete 15 reps focussing on the slow and control legs straightening
Aim for 15 reps on each side ensuring good form

To finish it would be good to include some balance exercise, such as:

Balancing on one foot with horizontal and vertical figure of eight arm movements

Eyes closed see who lasts the longest and repeat with tip toe holds

If height allows some gentle hop and holds would be good