Forgotten Factors

Do you ever wonder why some people’s bodies appear more resilient than others? In many cases it is what they do behind the scenes. Optimal strengthening, mobility and running mechanics should be key considerations for any runner, but these alone do not bullet proof from injuries and there are other factors which cannot be overlooked.

These factors can make a difference to both minimising the risk of injury and increasing performance, but as with everything, this cannot be a ‘one size fits all’ approach. A thorough assessment by your therapist can help guide you as to the key factor(s) to consider.

The world of recovery, training load, injury prevention and performance can often be confusing and sometimes over complicated. For an idea of some of the factors that can contribute please see the graphic. This is by no means an exhaustive list. The links below can provide you with an insight into some of the forgotten factors to consider.

Whilst we appreciate that getting all of these factors perfect may be an impossible balance, this is designed to provide ideas of areas that you can make personal improvements.

Approaching as many factors as possible gives a better chance of being resilient. When effectively adhered to, sometimes the unimaginable is possible with regards to running achievements. Please follow the link below for inspiration on what is possible.

“I couldn’t recommend Richard and the team at F.A.S.T highly enough – after almost a year of successive stress fractures and plantar fasciitis so bad I could barely even walk never mind run, my spirits were so low, I finally sought professional help. I was seen within a matter of days, and within of only two weeks (16 days to be precise) of highly effective targeted rehabilitation therapy and a clear programme of supportive flexibility maintenance advice, I was finally able to recommence running training again both injury and pain free – it’s a revelation! Now only a month or so later, I managed my first half marathon distance just this last weekend. Thank you SO much!!” Juliet Whitaker

To view more success stories and inspiration see our testimonials page below.

“Since knowing these guys, I have successfully run 70 marathons; this would not have been possible without their help.”

Matt Pullen

Run England Coach and Marathon Pacer