Strengthening for runners

Strengthening is a key part of improving running performance and decreasing the likelihood of injuries. The most effective strengthening regimes will be specific to your body’s needs and although this is something we can only achieve following an assessment in the clinic, here are a few ideas of some exercises that help load the key muscles needed for running. Please speak to a suitably qualified therapist for an individualised routine designed around your needs. Building a specific routine of strengthening exercises can be effective as an injury reduction strategy and for performance gains.

The most amazing Sports Therapists and Physiotherapists one could ever meet. They saw me grow from a total non runner to a sub 4hr marathon runner! Not only do they keep me in shape but also keeps my crazy thoughts on track, when the maranoia kicks in! Simply the best in the business thank you.”

Michelle Pettitt

From couch to 5K to sub 4 hour marathon runner