Norwich Elites strengthening and biomechanics

Strengthening is a key part of improving performance and decreasing the likelihood of injuries. The most effective strengthening regimes will be specific to your body’s needs and although this is something we can only achieve following an assessment in the clinic, here are a few ideas of some exercises that help load the key muscles needed for football. Please speak to a suitably qualified therapist for an individualised routine designed around your needs. Building a specific routine of strengthening exercises can be effective as an injury reduction strategy and for performance gains. As discussed in the talk before PHV the emphasis should be on plyometrics and sprint / running drills. After the PHV the emphasis can change into more strengthening and hypertrophy focussed exercises.

Please see below for some ideas for movement running patterns / strengthening ideas. The Fifa 11+ for kids has been shown to help with biomechanics and strengthening and decrease the injury risk by up to 60%.