Diagnostic Ultrasound & Injection Therapy

Sports Physician

At Fit Again Sports Therapy, we continually improve our level of knowledge and expertise to allow you to benefit from some of the most qualified and experienced Sports Therapists and Physiotherapists around. We also love having Dr Clodagh Dugdale on board the team so you have access to her experience, education and positive attitude as a Sports Physician.

Dr Dugdale offers consultations to assess and diagnose your injury, with the use of a diagnostic ultrasound scan if required for imaging purposes. Building an extensive network within the local NHS and private health services will allow any onward referrals to be efficient, ensuring you receive the best possible clinic care. We have links with private hospitals for the provision of private X-rays and scans; the reports from these will be sent directly to us, thereby shortening the waiting times. 

Dr Dugdale works extensively in the field of rehabilitation with high level and recreational athletes, the military population and the general public. As a result, she is able to provide input into the treatment and rehabilitation of your injury by working closely with the other F.A.S.T. therapists to provide you with a multi-disciplinary approach to your treatment. In some situations, injection therapy can be utilised alongside these more conservative approaches; Dr Dugdale can advise on this and administer when required. 

Diagnostic Ultrasound

Diagnostic Ultrasound scans are excellent for the diagnosis of musculoskeletal conditions, particularly muscle and tendon pathology, both acute and chronic. Ultrasound is the modality of choice for the diagnosis of muscle tears and tendinopathies. It also has the added advantage of us being able to see a real time picture of the muscles whilst they are moving – i.e. a dynamic image, which means the results are immediate. Ultrasound is non-invasive and safe, involving no radiation. It is therefore an invaluable method of diagnosis prior to the formation of a comprehensive treatment plan.