Examination and Assessment

Injury Assessment

This is always our starting point and it can be suggested it is the most important part of the whole process for you to become pain free and able to continue doing the sports and activities you love. We will talk through your symptoms and past medical history before completing a thorough hands-on assessment to examine aspects like your range of motion, strength and functional biomechanics.

The education from our BSc (Hons) degrees and post graduate qualifications are the ‘science’ but there’s much more involved in the treatment and rehabilitation process so we will always ensure you are involved with the decision making once a working diagnosis has been made. No two injuries are the same and your life commitments, time restrictions and motivations play as big a part as anything! There’s always so much you can be doing outside of the appointments and this is an area we will be keen to address meaning your symptoms don’t keep returning after you’ve received a temporary ‘quick fix’.