Sports Massage Cambridge


Do you experience tension in your neck and shoulders from sitting at a desk? Or feel like your legs are heavy after training? Sports massage can offer significant relief for these symptoms. Many individuals have found our services to be invaluable for optimising their training regimes or alleviating tension and headaches. Our Sports Therapists and Physiotherapists have a proven track record having worked at prominent events such as the London Marathon, Volleyball England tournament, British Indoor Rowing Championships and various charity events nationwide, including right here in Cambridge.

It is crucial to recognise that massage alone may not suffice for all injuries. Our in-depth understanding of anatomy and physiology enables us to identify cases that necessitate further treatment and rehabilitation. For instance, what may seem like ‘muscular tightness’ could have underlying issues but as qualified Sports Therapists and Physiotherapists, we address the root cause rather than merely the symptoms.

Cambridge Sports Massage – benefits include:

– for maintenance purposes as a part of an injury prevention plan

– before an event to increase circulation and warm the muscles

– after the rigours of a race or activity to reduce the perceived muscle soreness

Sports Massage

Everyone can benefit from sports massage, not just athletes. 

Please note that whilst the name suggests this is a technique reserved for athletes only, this type of massage is regularly beneficial to assist with injuries and pains from all facets of daily life, so depending on your job this may be something worth exploring.

Our massage therapy could be exactly what you need to prolong your active lifestyle.