Fit Again 3K – A Barefoot 3K run Coming Soon!

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The Leys Sports Complex will soon host the first entirely barefoot run in the UK.

The Fit Again 3K barefoot run is in aid of raising funds and awareness for the heart screening of sports teams and young individuals in the Cambridgeshire area.

“12 people under the age of 18 die in the UK every weekend of sudden cardiac death”. Cardiac Risk in the Young

Lets reduce this in Cambridge!

The Cause

We are dedicated to raising funds to provide as many young individuals as possible, the opportunity to have their heart screened. This is in a bid to lower the risk of sudden cardiac death in Cambridge. By pooling teams together, the run aims to provide a greatly discounted price for heart screening. Our mission is to grant one hundred 14-30 year olds this opportunity.

This event is in association with the charity CRY.

Why Barefoot?

Barefoot running has many potential benefits; however, it is not for everyone and requires a gradual, well monitored transition. This conversion requires appropriate flexibility and strengthening exercises. The Fit Again 3k run is designed to give both experienced minimalistic/barefoot runners and complete novices the chance to give their trainers a rest for the day and familiarise themselves with a new way of running on an appropriate terrain.

What to expect

• Turn up – Free parking will be available at The Leys.
• Forget your shoes – This is a strictly no footwear run. The cricket hall will be available to leave footwear and there are lockers present.
• Run Free – This is a 3K run with an optional 2k extra loop.
• Have a great day – There will be a large marquee, free sports massage, and drinks and snacks available at the The Leys afterwards.

To register an interest, please click here.

“I think running barefoot or with barefoot shoes is a great and natural thing to do. I would encourage people to move towards running that way.” Eddie Izzard