Hope HIV

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The Hope Tour: 12 Marathons in 12 Days

During December 2012, the therapists from F.A.S.T helped a group of runners complete the gruelling challenge of ‘12 marathons in 12 days’. This was in a bid to support HOPEHIV and we are proud to say they successfully raised over £125,000. We provided injury prevention exercises and biomechanical screening prior to the event, as well as hands on treatment every step of the way around the UK!

“Just because the clinic is called F.A.S.T. doesn’t mean they rush your treatment. In December 2012 Rich and Megan accompanied myself and a team of friends on an adventure down the length of the country as we ran 12 marathons in 12 days for the charity www.hopehiv.org. The weather was below zero, the going was tough and every day each of us had to be put back together again Humpty Dumpty style by the therapists. Having to treat half a dozen knackered grumpy runners in pain day after day is no easy job and yet they managed not only to fix any injuries and get us back out on the road each day with spirits lifted and limbs loosened, but they did so with such easy expertise, charm and good humour that being hoisted onto a massage table and having an elbow dug into your bum-cheeks was not nearly as tortuous as it might have been. Do yourself a favour and put yourself in their hands.“

Kerry McCarthy, Senior Writer Runner’s World Magazine