Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect from the first appointment?

Your Sports Therapist or Physiotherapist will initially speak with you and then complete a thorough examination and assessment (for more information on what this involves, please click here). They will discuss your needs and after a working diagnosis is made, the most appropriate treatment and rehabilitation plan will be devised; this will be individual to your goals, motivations and lifestyle. 

I don’t really play a sport, but have been experiencing pain from sitting at a desk. Can you still help me?

Yes, absolutely. All our Sports Therapists and Physiotherapists are qualified in assessing and treating musculoskeletal injuries, which means any injury to the bones, joints, ligaments and tendons, whether this be from a sporting activity, gardening or from sitting at a desk.

How do I find your clinic?

Please click here to view an interactive map and written directions for each clinic location. We ask you to use these guidelines rather than relying on your SatNav as these are more specific to finding the correct part of the building!

Do I need to bring anything with me?

You don’t need to bring anything in particular with you unless you’ve had previous investigations and in which case, a copy of any scan results or referral letters will be great to see. 

What shall I wear?

To allow for a thorough assessment, we will ask to see the area in question and so this may require you to remove outer clothing. If you feel more comfortable in shorts and a vest top, for example, please bring these along. We have changing facilities on site. If you are a runner, it’s often useful for us to see your trainers, too. 

How much do the sessions cost?

Please see our prices page.

Can I claim the sessions through my insurance?

All insurance companies work differently so please contact us on an individual basis but yes, there are some that you can claim through. Most of our work is self-funded but please enquire for more information.

How do I book in?

Our online booking system is often the easiest way to view our therapists’ schedules and to book (simply choose the location you’d prefer, then the service, therapist and time!). Alternatively, please email or call us on 01223 967736. 

Do you treat adolescents?

Yes, a lot! When it comes to injuries in this age bracket, it is important not to treat them as ‘mini adults’ due to anatomical differences, skeletal maturity and differences in lifestyle and goals. Megan is Head of Sports Therapy at The Leys, Cambridge, where she oversees all of the sports injury management for ages 11-18. Richard was also previously Sports Therapist for Cambridge United FC Academy and Faye is a paediatric Physio specialist!

Which therapist shall I see?

All of our therapists are specialists in this area and so are equipped with the knowledge and experience to help you. Our Senior Therapists have all completed post graduate qualifications to excel further in this area for your benefit. We each have slightly different backgrounds, which can be read about here.

I need to change my appointment, how do I do this?

On your initial confirmation email, there is a link to cancel your appointment so please click this and then re-book for a more convenient time! Alternatively, please email us or call 01223 967736. We politely ask for 24 hours notice to amend your appointment.

I’ve not received a confirmation email. What shall I do?

Our system automatically sends a confirmation email at the time of booking and a reminder email the day before your appointment. If you’ve not received it, please check your junk folder as unfortunately they sometimes end up in there! If it’s not in there, please email and we will check the appointment time and re-send any confirmation. 

Is there parking on site?

Yes, all of our Cambridge clinic locations have free, on site parking. To view directions, please click here.

For any further queries, please email